Monday, July 19, 2010

Dubious images and dubious references

Is it a day that ends in Y? Then it's Horrible Photos of Tasty Food Day once again here at mah blawg.

This is pan-seared garlic blue cornmeal polenta with some veggie burger slices on top (the last of that box of the Morningstar variety that I love so much) with watermelon, feta, basil, and cucumber salad. As the Wild Man of Borneo says, "Yumyum, eat 'em up!"

And then there was pie.

This being our Splurge on Good Ingredients week (see: fresh basil, real mozzarella, lots of tomatoes, blue cornmeal), we bought one of those Trader Joe's pound plus bars of 72 percent, the darkest they had. Four squares of that stuff made the puddinglike filling of this pie the right degree of chocolatey. Honestly, although it was fun to eat it in a pie crust, I'd be happy just spooning it up as pudding.

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