Friday, July 2, 2010

I eat my candy with... well, just beans!

We are going out to see Knight and Day tonight, and I purchased some soda and a packet of Skittles for the occasion. I'm resisting the urge to eat the Skittles now, not because I really want them, but because I'll be able to sort them properly here at the table, while I won't in the dark of the theater*.

Dinner tonight was a black bean salad with fresh cilantro, bell peppers (red and green), tomatoes, red onion, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, and lime zest and juice, plus some olive oil to stick it all together and a little Tony's to salt/pepper it up. I put it over rice, because who can live without regular consumption of rice?

My most tenuous failing as a cook is a complete inability to estimate portion sizes. I made too much for us, even given the fact that we'll be consuming it for lunch tomorrow, and especially given the fact that there's still some leftover gnocchi. It's just so damn hard to tell how much we will or won't eat, and to tell exactly how far two cans of Goya black beans (yes, I used canned, they were on sale, get over it) goes.

*The Correct and Just way to eat Skittles is as follows:
1. Eat the oranges
2. Pair the yellows and greens. If there are extra yellows, eat them, then eat the remaining greens and yellows together. If there are extra greens, consume them after consuming the pairs.
3. Pair the purples and reds. Eat any extras first. Consume the purple/red pairs half together, half alternating; that is, eat a red, eat a purple, and lastly eat a pair together. End this pattern with not a pair, but a purple followed by a red.

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