Friday, July 16, 2010


I've had a lot of chickpea falafel, but I'd never even considered the possibility of making them with edamame until recently. The recipe was very easy to assemble, especially with my handy dandy immersion blender. I wonder if they can be baked or pan-seared as patties; if so, I can definitely see them fitting into a half-hour dinner plan, as the real timesuck in tonight's prep was dealing with the pita, rather than the horrific tasks of chopping a single onion and mincing a few cloves of garlic.

Slightly sweet in a vegetal way, edamame falafel are brighter and less earthy than the regular kind. Added bonus: they're the embodiment of chartreuse.

The outsides got dark very quickly while frying, but the insides stayed light. We ate them with whole-wheat pita, tzatziki, and a tomato and cucumber salad. טעים מאוד! Take that, recent history of unhealthful meals!

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  1. We built this city on mac and cheese.

    But this still looks great, with the tomato and cucumber salad looking especially appealing