Sunday, July 4, 2010

Melting pot food for the fourth

No, sadly I did not make a fondue. One day, though. One day.

We did, however, have a picnic that included German, Middle Eastern, and French food items. Pictured here is broiled kale, pumpernickel bread, goat cheese and Moroccan (or so the recipe claimed) marinated carrots to put on the bread, Brie, fruit salad with mint (which I ate most of, to Andy's amusement. I love fruit salad.), and some cookies from yesterday.

The bread came out quite well! I would have liked a little less sweetness and a little more caraway, but under the sandwich-making circumstances, light caraway flavor was a good thing. Amusingly, consulting the Wikipedia page on pumpernickel in an effort to find the origins of the bread's name (indeterminate) led me to discover that the reason pumpernickel is usually so dark is that the traditional slow baking process allows the Maillard reaction to occur and color the bread. I didn't want to take up the oven for six to eight hours, considering that we've got housemates, and so the bread got a fifty-minute bake instead; it's not too dark, but it sure is tasty. Bonus: It held up well to the strong flavors of goat cheese, marinated carrots, and caper-and-parsley-and-lemon zest garnish.

Projects for the rest of the day include going to watch the Pops and fireworks at the hatch shell and making a recipe of Mark Bittman's vegetable stock. Oh, and I should finish working on ANGST. Stupid quizbowl.

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