Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bracingly spicy, part 2

I made a sort of variant on http://www.mirchmasala.me/2010/04/vegetable-balls-in-hot-garlic-sauce.html using the Szechuan sauce from yesterday. They're really, really tasty. A few pointers:

1. My balls didn't hold together well (yes, you fifth graders, get the laughs out now). I'd recommend throwing in an egg white, or perhaps just mincing everything more finely than I minced... But really, I think an egg white would help.
2. I added slightly more ketchup to cut the spiciness, and it was still very hot. At the first bite, you don't really notice it. And then the massive amounts of ginger and garlic begin to catch up to you. And then the jalapenos help them along. And just as you finish your first veggie ball, you're sweating a little and idly wondering if there's any chance of getting a nice, cold, creamy milkshake. It was never unbearable, though. If you're buying readymade Szechuan sauce, the heat will probably be less intense. I also threw in some rice vinegar, just for kicks.
3. I served this over rice, but because the kitchen was very hot and the pepper fumes were a-risin' and my extraordinarily and unpleasantly bizarre housemate was clogging the kitchen, I scooted out of there before making the soy-broiled eggs I'd planned to use as a protein. You could just do a little egg-drop thing in the sauce, or you could braise some tofu in it. Whatever floats your boat.

They were actually prettier in person, I swear.

My sauce isn't as red as the sauce in the real cook's picture, probably because I did the homemade thing and she bought the real sauce. No matter.

I really want to make these again, but I think I'll eschew the mind-blowing homemade stuff in favor of a nice, controllable jar I can get from the Asian market down the street.

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