Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not exactly nothing

I did not cook today for a very exciting reason: IV workshop, complete with Thai food (and then we got more food gleaned from leftovers at a speaker event featuring Pauline Chen, just to top off the night). The very tolerant Jon allowed me to stick him not once, but twice, despite the fact that the first time I was so shocked to have actually inserted the needle in a vein on the first try that I let blood gush over his arm instead of actually collecting it and then flushing the tube in order to "put in an IV." Sorry, Jon. It's okay, though, because he got to practice on me, too. The two or three tries we got did not furnish nearly enough practice, but we can't exactly shove needles in each other until we look like heroin addicts, so actual expertise will just have to wait until we hit the wards, I guess.

But now I can theoretically perform CPR, take pulse and BP, give injections, and take blood and place IVs. Theoretically. Very theoretically.

In honor of tonight's activities, here is one of my favorite viral YouTube videos:

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