Friday, October 1, 2010

Generic orange soup day!

I don't know if I've described this before, but I feel like it may be important to mention that I've been scheduling all food purchasing around exam cycles: each new round of grocery shopping occurs either the Sunday after a Friday exam or before a Monday exam. Fridays and Saturdays, thus, tend to be the days when I'm low on supplies and have no "scheduled" recipes planned. They also, sadly, are days when there are no free dinners provided by clubs or lecture organizers or what have you.

Enter the contents of my fridge: a small sweet potato, a few carrots on the limp side of fresh, some kale on the fresh side of wilted, half a log of goat cheese, half a dozen eggs, an onion and a half, and some leftover brown rice. I figured it was either fried rice--and how well would kale-and-onion fried rice work out?--or something with the sweet potato and carrots.

Enter the immersion blender. I toasted some fennel and a bay leaf in a little olive oil, sauteed in some chopped onion, and then added the yam (peeled) and carrots (peeled)and water and boiled until they were tender, then took the immersion blender to it all. I made little rolls of kale and goat cheese, broiled them until the kale was no longer flaccid, and ate them along with the soup and the remaining honey wheat bun (again, not because one of our lecturers' constant mantra of "eat sugar, get fat" isn't intimidating, but because that bun was not going to last much longer, either).

Just have to hold out one more day sans fresh ingredients!

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