Sunday, October 31, 2010

That's right, folks, don't touch that dial

Thanks for staying tuned despite my lapses. I've not been in a cooking mood--which, to be honest, worries me slightly--and have also been in full-on study mode, which means I've mostly been subsisting on milk and cereal. But not today.

Here's a neat trick for reforming canned chickpeas: rinse and dry them, toss them with olive oil and whatever flavorings you want, and roast them for about half an hour at 425 F. I did this using turmeric and cinnamon and cayenne, and did the same thing to a couple small sweet potatoes. After the roasting, green peas went in there, too.

The best tool you have is your hands.

This was lunch and dinner, along with an apple per meal (doctors: far away). I've jacked up a FreshDirect order to the minimum of $30 (assiduous cheese purchasing!), meaning that groceries happen tomorrow, as does my exam, which means in turn that regular posts happen starting tomorrow, too... or at least until my parents get here on Friday and we go out for tasty food.

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