Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some nights you feel like spending a couple hours assembling a perfect, intricate meal complete with dessert. Some nights you just got back from yoga and have way too much studying to do and want food that tastes good, and you want it as close to "now" as possible.

Enter a go-to standard dish of mine, roasted cauliflower pseudo-curry, pseudo because it only contains a few of the spices that typically go into a curry, turmeric being the dominant one. It also contains chickpeas, green peas, raisins, "lite" coconut milk, tomato paste, onion, garlic, ginger, cumin, and cloves, although like I said, those spices vary depending on what I have on hand and what I feel like tossing in. To add some spicy to the spice, I used a jalapeno that gave this thing quite the kick in the pants. The point is, this is a good, filling, reasonably healthful meal--it's so hearty you don't even need rice to go with it--that can be made in great quantity in very little time. I downed a nice, hearty bowl and had one of the remaining bagels for dessert. I also had a bagel for lunch. One more bagel to go...


  1. Your mom is so happy to see you eating so well. Will you be cooking when we visit?

  2. Sure! Mom, if this is you, you should sign into your Google account or put your name in so that I know it's not some other relative.