Thursday, October 21, 2010

Try the grey stuff; it's delicious!

In my quest to make novel food items that aren't just variations on lentil stew, carrot soup, or rice and beans, I took a stab at the savory vegetable custards Mark Bittman has in How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, dividing the recipe for mushroom custards by three to get a portion I thought would suffice for lunch and dinner.

For once, my portion estimation was spot-on: one-third a recipe makes five cupcake-sized custards, so I had two tonight and will either have two tomorrow for lunch and one for a snack or will cave and have all three. But I made a crucial error. Mark instructs us to scrape the gills out of the mushrooms before chopping them, which in my post-yoga state (translation: NEED FOOD! NEED WATER!) I forgot to do. As a result, the custards, which were generally smooth with only a slight top crust of mushroom bits that didn't get fully pureed into the milk, turned a rather unappetizing grey color.

But they were spiked with goat cheese and thyme and were more than edible. I ate them with half a sweet potato and some (what else?) kale, mostly to bring color to dinner.

Oh, and last night, I made ginger cupcakes. But I still have some milk left, and I hate drinking milk. What to do with it... and while you're at it, people, give me suggestions on what to do with most of a jar of cherry juice. Should I just... make more gelatin?

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  1. Boil down the cherry juice into syrup for future flavorings?