Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caprine caprices

FreshDirect had a sale on Real Goat Cheese (that is, goat cheese from a small creamery rather than who knows where), so I went for it. First of all, when I saw a recipe for goat cheese and red wine truffles on Tastespotting, I knew we were meant to be.

Have you ever had a fancy French meal that ends with a dessert and cheese course and that includes wines paired with absolutely everything? Me neither, but I imagine that these truffles taste like the cheese course, dessert course, and one of the cheese course's reds all at once.

The alcohol in the wine may have cooked off, and there was in fact merely a subtle (yet effective!) red wine flavor, but this is still quite the adult dessert. I felt so hedonistic while eating it. Sure, they're not the prettiest truffles I've ever truffed (it was early in the morning and I was in a hurry, okay? sheesh), but the taste made up for it.

I turned to the goat cheese again for a more traditional dish: fig, goat cheese, and escarole pizza with a whole-wheat crust. My complete inability to make my crusts look like real pizza crusts has driven me to crimp them like pie crusts. The pizza has black pepper and a touch of rosemary on it as well.

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