Sunday, January 23, 2011

Orange you glad I didn't make a 'There Will Be Blood' joke?

Please pass all accolades and groans for the title of this post to my friend Guy of Pun, Forrest, Pun. Predictably, this post features blood oranges, which look like this:

"But Hannah!" the dedicated blog reader may ask, "Your grandmother sent you a case of honeybell oranges you've been trying to give away! Why purchase blood oranges?" Well, dear readers, blood oranges are both excitingly rouged and delightfully tangy. Plus, I've wanted to step into this place for some time now. The oranges were somewhat of an excuse to do so.

I liked the poached egg on top of pasta motif (from my adventures in edamame pesto) so much that I decided to give it a shot again. This time, I boiled capellini in a blend of blood orange juice, white wine, and water. I tossed the cooked pasta with feta, fennel seeds, and a bit of olive oil and laid a poached egg and blood orange slices on top, finishing the whole thing off with some blood orange zest and black pepper.

It needs some green, I think. There was a roasted garlic broccoli side dish, but it didn't get photographed.

Oh, and apologies for the late post. I was busy watching the Steelers win a championship.

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