Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeding a tentative stomach

I had the misfortune of doing battle with some sort of stomach virus this weekend, which means that my poor, increasingly flaccid vegetables are going to have to hold off one more day while I coddle my innards with bland, easily digested foodstuffs. Since here at Chez Filling an MD Stomach we do not like to do things halfway, infirmary food consists of fresh oatmeal bread with nuvolone, or clousoufflé. The latter, from which I omitted the cheese, is an amazing idea. It's the most impressive-looking ten-minute dish I've ever made (five minutes of prep and five of cooking). The former is also delicious, lightly sweet and with a borderline hearty texture, but the loaf is huge. If I were you, I'd multiply the recipe by three-fourths or two-thirds to cut the bread down to manageable size.

When I said big, I meant big!

To make the souffle, nestle the egg yolks in egg whites beaten until stiff.

Pour on a bit of cream and sprinkle on cheese (theoretically), then top with the rest of the whites.

Bake five minutes at 400 F, and voila!

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