Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No cooking tonight; I forgot my lunch at home, so it ended up being dinner.

A short anecdote, though: Because I did not go to yoga yesterday--Tuesday is usually one of my "hell or high water" days, but for a few reasons it just didn't happen--I trod through the snow at 6 a.m. for a class. Not satisfied with my rather industrial crepuscular New York snow experience, I cut my end-of-class savasana short in order to have time to take a brief detour through Madison Square Park on the way home. The golden morning light was glancing off the Flatiron building and obliquely brushing the park, illuminating the snow with a soft blue glow. I had a couple minutes of standing savasana in the middle of the park. It turns out if you tune out the sound of vehicles and focus on the snowy trees, you can, just for a few minutes, be somewhere a lot more gentle than Manhattan.

And then you notice the dog defecating a few feet to your right and your awareness jolts back to a place decidedly less yogic.

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