Friday, January 7, 2011

Cooking for one

It ain't always fun.

So tonight, I invited five friends over, and we ate brioche topped with a poached egg, lentils with caramelized fennel and fennel frond gremolata, and cardamom orange cupcakes for dessert. I'd planned to make a chard salad, but my FreshDirect order didn't get here in time. Not every dinner has to be healthful, right?

This one contained obscene, luxurious, amounts of butter. Lusty, concupiscent amounts of butter (1.5 sticks in the brioche, .75 sticks in the cupcakes, .25 sticks in the lentils and fennel). It was actually inspired by a meal I had in Boston one fine Restaurant Week (lentils on brioche with a poached duck egg. Their brioche was better; my lentils were better.)

But it went over quite well. My night and the next few days were made by one friend who had planned to ask where I'd purchased the brioche and was shocked to hear I'd made it.

Also, I accidentally ordered two orange juices instead of two oranges from FreshDirect. I do not drink orange juice. If you live in New York and want orange juice, please let me know.

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