Monday, January 24, 2011

The hazards of planning ahead

I've got a FreshDirect order's worth of delicious, delicious vegetables arriving tonight, and I've got great plans for those vegetables. But I'm going to Boston for a day this weekend, and I just realized the sheer density of dinner meetings and events I have to attend over the next two weeks. This may be a problem. Wilted, moldy produce is so depressing. I can't let it happen. In order to rectify my exuberant planning-ahead purchase, I'm doing some serious prioritization of the most delicate vegetables from my delivery.

Thus, tonight's crustless quiche was designed to get rid of all older produce in the fridge to make room for the new, as well as make progress on the remainder of the heavy cream needed to make this weekend's chocolate tart. I put a lingering bit of broccoli, half an onion, half a bell pepper, and a cherry tomato* in a pie pan:

Sprinkled on some aging feta and parmesan:

And poured on the egg and cream mixture:

Sadly, it didn't much change color when it was baked:

It was so creamy and tender. I decided that the cream, in combination with a bagel and leftover pasta from earlier today, posed enough of a dietary health hazard that I didn't need to make bread or frittata-tize it with pasta. The orange was a great side dish.

There's a little bit of heavy cream left. Something exciting will have to happen to it before I leave for Boston on Friday.

*I've started buying out-of-season and thus expensive produce I need in very small portions at the salad bar in the medical center cafeteria. It's quite cost-effective.

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