Saturday, January 1, 2011

Going green

I actually followed a recipe for once! This recipe, to be exact. There are no photos because it turns out one caldo verde looks exactly like another caldo verde, so the website's photos should suffice.

Okay, so I used kale instead of collards and steamed the kale over boiling broth so that I didn't have to remove it from the soup before pureeing. But that was really the only difference. Sadly, while the caldo verde did in fact have a lovely smoky flavor, I wasn't fooled into missing the absence of chorizo. Mmm, how I miss chorizo.

Most of the remainder of the admittedly small bunch of kale went into another raw kale salad, this time with white onion and raw mushroom. And come to think of it, the kale-to-soup ratio was pretty high. This is what happens when you go to an actual grocery store where they only sell vegetables in miniscule bundles rather than hearty, leafy packages like FreshDirect.

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