Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dunch? Linner?

What do you call it when, instead of eating one afternoon meal and one evening meal, you eat one meal halfway between the two? Only witty nomenclature need apply.

In any case, my one meal of the day today--aside from a tall glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice from the last of my second batch of grandmother-gifted oranges--was a bowl of Chinese steamed eggs with sesame oil drizzled on top, along with a few garlic rolls that a friend brought me and that I devoured way too quickly. I hadn't eaten all day, and plus, I was raised by wolves.

As I got down into the lower layers of egg, it got progressively more liquidy, which made no sense. Until I realized that there was a reason that when I have little cups of steamed egg at a dim sum restaurant, the vegetables are steamed and sprinkled on top. The broccoli in here had released all its water into the bottom of the bowl. Oops.

And now, part of the reason for my one meal (along with the fact that I was working all morning and then went to yoga): I'm off to the opera*! Nixon in China, to be precise. I'll let you know how it is. And if I feel like staying up even later when I get home, I'll perhaps have a delicious baked good to share for breakfast.

*I wish I could say that my eating at 4:30 p.m. was only a matter of timing, but I have to admit to some vanity in there. One cannot have a protruberant food-filled belly when one is nicely dressed for the opera, after all.

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