Monday, February 7, 2011

Lies, damn lies, and statistics

So far this week:
1. 0.30 percent of my pageviews came from people in the Seychelles. Sure, that's only one hit from the Seychelles, but any nonzero number of hits from exotic archipelagos is a number of hits that I can be proud of. Power to you, tropical blog reader!
2. 6 pageviews came from users on what Blogger calls "Other Unix" operating systems, and 1 came from Linux. Huh.
3. While, predictably, most people got to this blog via Facebook, someone yesterday found it via a search for Aphra Behn on Google. I wonder how far down s/he had to go to find this hit.

I am having a rough week (yes, I know it's only Monday, so that should give you an idea), some of the reasons for which you know and some of the reasons for which I do not care to bother you with. After eating my weight in cookies at a long, long meeting tonight, along with a bit of salad, I needed something healthy and comforting, so I turned to my old "life sucks, but this will make it better" standby: mushroom, barley, and kale soup, using a porcini mushroom broth. One of these days, I'll actually use a Parmesan rind in a bouquet garni with fresh thyme and parsley as the recipe suggests instead of just sprinkling in some Parmesan and parsley at the end of the cooking. I also keep forgetting that I want to try brightening it up with a few drops of lemon juice--and did not have a lemon with which to effect this effort--but I'm sure it will be just as wonderful as it usually is. In fact, it is simmering on the stove as I type, smelling delicious and easing a few of the knots in my neck.


  1. I have a bottle of lemon juice if you ever need to borrow some - not as good as fresh-squeezed, but much cheaper and easier to store!

  2. I wouldn't read much into those "you got N visitors from X country" stats. They're generated from reverse IP lookups, which are unreliable at best.

    The other stats are probably better, but I still wouldn't read much into the tail...