Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sundries of which Caucasians readily approve, redux

I continue to be really white in that I can't seem to lay off the ethnic food. Seriously. Spoiler alert: Filling an MD Stomach is about to experience a slew of posts about Middle Eastern and east Asian dishes. I feel like Edward Said would have something to say about this, you know, if he were alive and somehow disinterested in studying more important things than privileged white medical students who really love olive oil and cumin.

It's easy to just blame it all on current events, so I will. Hey, readers, how 'bout those political situations that put me in the mood for some heavy-hitting North African spices??

Small talk aside, look, salad!

I based this on a recipe for Moroccan marinated carrot sandwiches with goat cheese and green olive tapenade that I made for the Fourth of July this past summer. It's got carrots, goat cheese, kidney beans, parsley, olives, orange juice and zest, a slew of spices... all the things that make life worth living. As you can see from the photo, I ate it with ersatz Wheat Thins*. Well, Wheat Thins minus about a tablespoon of corn syrup and plus some sesame oil and rosemary (the recipe was, shockingly, based on Mark Bittman's cracker template). Since the salad had a tablespoon of brown sugar in it, I felt like slightly sweet crackers were probably not the way to go.

Oh, and read this fantastic article!

*Ongoing Blog List of Things Hannah Loves Too Much: Martha Nussbaum**, YouTube videos of kittens, and Wheat Thins. Oh, Wheat Thins!
**Except she's a person, not a thing. Well, maybe a sexy thing.***
***Yes, yes, I'm sorry for what I said in **, duzhmata, duzhukhta, duzhvarshta, let's move on.

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