Friday, February 4, 2011

Much maligned

What do people have against cabbage, beans, and beets?

They tasted great in the above borscht! The white stuff is Greek yogurt (which had acquired a not-unpleasant goaty odor from its proximity to my remaining nub of goat cheese in the fridge), sprinkled with dill.

I only used one beet to make a harrowing amount of soup.

As you can see, it weighed precisely 1 pound, 12 ounces. That is some serious root vegetable action right there.

And now, an anecdote: one of our professors, the amusingly named and invariably entertaining Dr. Zagzag, told us how he diagnosed his mother's deep vein thrombosis following her hip surgery. What's remarkable is that he did this from the United States while she was convalescing in her hospital bed in France and then bludgeoned the nurses into giving her heparin, after which he talked to the doctors, who confirmed that yes, she had had a dangerous clot. My real question, though, is this: what would have happened if she hadn't had a DVT and they'd anticoagulated her for no reason? She's presumably an elderly lady, meaning she's at elevated risk for stroke, so I'm sure the medical staff would not have been particularly pleased.

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