Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bready or not...

Unfortunately, yesterday got me re-started on soups, and now I'm back to my old habits.

This is a carrot soup, strained for a change! I used a porcini mushroom broth, an apple, and a good amount of ginger. More importantly, though:

Fresh baguette. This is possibly the best I've ever made. It's all in the thwack, I've discovered. You see, there are several joys to a fresh baguette, including a thin, crunchy crust and densely crumbed inside. Slapping the dough firmly on a floured tabletop two or three (or four) times gets rid of any large air bubbles and helps create that special texture.

I should have made more than one; I used leftover rhubarb from last week to make a rhubarb-onion jam, and it would have been phenomenal on baguette. Unfortunately, Andy wreaked his own personal havoc on most of the bread. Jam another day!

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