Sunday, August 7, 2011

F for effort

I had all these dreams.

Dreams of red onion gram flour roti... dreams of black bean fritters... dreams of homemade tortilla chips... dreams of peach salsa and roasted vegetable gazpacho into which the tortilla chips can be dipped...

And what do I do in the end? Totally forget to make the gazpacho until it's too late, take the black beans intended for the fritters and mix them in with the peach salsa, buy some tortilla chips, make a quick kale salad, and call it a day.

Pitiful, I say. Summer is clearly eroding my work ethic. To make up for it, I threw together a yeasted gram flour and wheat bran zucchini bread that tasted great but was seriously squishy in the center, despite its lovely crust. Next time, I'll treat it more like a batter bread than a yeasted bread: bake it low and slow!

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