Monday, August 22, 2011

Real butter, medical blue cotton/poly blend, and you.

Hello, anatomy. I suppose I kind of missed you. For one thing, scrubs are so forgiving to the figure.

Thus, lemony parsley and egg soup from Mark Bittman, complete with butter and cream and served over a scoop of orzo. I didn't manage to purée it as he suggested, because the parsley was more fibrous than the tarsi of the eyelids*. The recipe instructs to cook the parsley only until wilted, and there was no way it would be purée-able at that point. It's perfectly palatable this way, though. Addictive, even, if you are as enamored of parsley as I am. I've been known to down most of the bowls of karpas on the Passover seder table, with or without salt water dipping accompaniment.

Also, while the recipe suggests that 3 bunches of parsley will yield 4 cups, I used about 1.5 bunches (one curly and one Italian flat-leaf), chopped and packed reasonably tightly into the measuring cup. Because I used orzo (heartier and more complete meal: check), I feel like I could have halved the recipe, which means that the benefits of this soup go well beyond my usual "quick and tasty", since for a half-recipe:

Cost of 1 (large) bunch parsley at Greenmarket: $1
Cost of lemons: $0.25
Cost of eggs: $0.30
Cost of butter: $0.13
Cost of onion: $0.25
Cost of orzo: $0.18
Total (omitting the optional heavy cream): $2.11

Not bad.

*The jokes, they have already begun. Run. Save yourselves.

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