Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zombie jamboree

I held a brain today! Said organ was our cadaver's none-too-well-preserved brain, so it wasn't the most, shall we say, cohesive experience, but still. How awesome is that? A whole formerly thinking and feeling and visceral afferent-sending brain!

You can tell school has started again because here's yet another quick-and-easy soup recipe. I actually followed this one almost verbatim, with one exception: toasting garlic on high heat and then searing bok choy on high heat with the garlic still in the pan would, I intuited, lead to burnt garlic, and there are few disappointments more bitter (literally and figuratively) than burnt garlic. So I toasted the garlic in the oil, scooped out the garlic and tossed it in the soup, and seared the bok choy in the garlic-flavored oil.

There's also, as you can see, some sriracha in here for good measure. Don't be shy with the lime juice; a healthy dose is absolutely necessary to cut the saltiness of the broth (okay, so maybe I wish I hadn't added exactly 2 teaspoons of salt) as well as to add the tropical zing that all earthquake-beset* New York denizens crave.


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