Sunday, June 5, 2011


It is once again that lovely 24-hour pre-exam period during which I throw together whatever I happen to have and eat it and hope it's bloggable. I did make a fun drink today: basil, cucumber, and lemon spritzers, inspired by the $0.50-a-liter seltzer water at CVS. On today's uninventive (and early... hey, I neglected to have lunch!) plate, we have vegetarian bi bim bap with pickled carrots, pickled ramp greens, and a six-minute egg, all drizzled with some tasty, tasty sriracha.

What is a six-minute egg, you ask? Shockingly, it's an egg that's been boiled for six minutes! It's less cooked than a soft-boiled egg and can be extremely difficult to peel intact. Rapping it on the corner of the kitchen counter will leave you with a mess of shell and runny yolk, but gently tapping it to fracture the shell works just fine for me. Also key: plunging the egg into ice-cold water immediately upon removing it from the pot.

I wish I had some profound words, or even some entertaining words, to offer. It's been some time since that's happened. It's also been some time since I didn't have a test every two weeks. Ergo, with my brain thoroughly fried, I'm resigning myself to the fact that I'm going to make a series of rather uninteresting posts until June 17, O Halcyon June 17, when my summer o' research fun* begins!

*That's right, summer o' research fun. It's not exactly how most people would gleefully choose to spend a summer, but I'm really, really excited about my project, and right now, anything that I will not have to take a multiple choice exam of dubious quality on sounds more appealing than a tropical island populated only by lychee orchards, unicorns, and puppies. Or possibly unicorn puppies. I'll get back to you on that one.

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