Tuesday, June 28, 2011


In the interests of using up all my refrigerated products before The Big Move on Friday, I found myself staring a large number of radishes in the face, wondering if there was an alternative to just slicing them and gobbling them down raw as the world's most monotonous salad.

Still having trouble making these horizontal. Have to go through
a laborious Picasa Web Album process to make it so.
Yes, yes there is. I've never had cooked radish before (except for the boiled Asian radish served in udon soups and so on), and these slow-roasted radishes were a good introduction. After a very long time in the oven, tossed with olive oil and rosemary and an onion and some cloves of garlic, they get soft and almost buttery. Here's a cooking tip for you: as soon as you get home for your lunch break, throw the radishes into the unheated oven and turn it to 450. When you leave 30 minutes later to go back to lab, turn off the oven, leaving the radishes inside. Instaradishes. Of course, as soon as I had made dinner, I sat down at the computer to eat and almost immediately found this recipe. I am intrigued. More radishes are in order.

Oh, and here, white beans with spinach tossed in a yogurt, mint, and lemon sauce. Think this, but with no tagliatelle, and with spinach instead of peas. I considered making tagliatelle, but somehow, even though work is a 9-to-5 sort of thing (mostly) and I don't have studying to do (mostly), I find myself running around like a crazy person. Perhaps next week. I've still got all that semolina, after all...

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