Wednesday, June 22, 2011

If you can't stand the heat...

Oh, summer. Season of late sunsets. Season of flaunting good lab practice and wearing shorts and sandals to work because your lab's AC is broken and it feels like a bikram yoga studio in there. Season of eating salads because the combination of walking around all day and said toasty, toasty lab makes you crave cold things.

This (sloppily plated) salad is actually more wintry in its flavor profile: lentils flavored with tarragon, blue cheese, apples, and thinly sliced raw onion, all with a dusting of black pepper mixed with a teeny bit of celery salt. I sort of wanted to make lettuce wraps out of the components, since I got this huge and gorgeous head of lettuce from the farmer's market today, but I got lazy at the last minute and just dumped everything on the greens.

Now, to chow down on the rest of the apple and attempt to complete the series of tasks that reared their ugly heads today. All at once. Why does this happen?

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