Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And quiet flows the udon...

Normally, I'm not a fan of fusion food. In my experience, it's usually gimmicky and more expensive than it's worth (n.b.: Elephant Walk in Waltham is an exception.). I'm sure there's great fusion elsewhere, but I haven't had it yet. But I was craving red curry today, and I was craving udon, and I thought, "Hell, Japanese Thai food can't be too bad."

And it wasn't.

In other news, I'm eking (god, there's no good way to spell that word)my way through Nazi Literature in the Americas. A friend of mine commented in what I interpreted as joyous outrage that Bolaño is not being fair, is almost deceitful to write so convincingly about a group of fictional writers, complete with index and references. I don't know about deceit, but I am jealous of Bolaño. Can you imagine how incredibly rich his inner mental life must be to imagine a book like this (much less 2666)? I wish my imagination were that vivid!

And last but not least, I'm baking cookies to exchange for grave rubbings of the headstones of exciting people like Zoltan Kodaly. Does anyone have an equally exciting cookie recipe to share? If not, I'm going with my favorite, thoroughly quotidian, absolutely delicious chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Your challah looks really pretty. What will we cook while you are here? Lots, I hope. Love Mom