Sunday, November 28, 2010

Martin 'n' Lewis/Amos 'n' Andy

Pulp Fiction is a fantastic movie, but it introduces a tragically false dichotomy. Why choose between chocolate and vanilla when both are easily available in one baked good?

I was gifted the amazing cookbook in that first picture as an early Chanukah* present and knew that the cookies pictured on the front cover had to be my first stop. The actual recipe calls for white chocolate chips in the chocolate dough half, though; I dislike white chocolate, so I substituted chopped macadamia nuts to excellent effect.

These might have to happen again once I'm back in Manhattan.

*Listen up, yids and goyim: I don't want to see any of this Hannuka/Hanukka/Hannukah business. Chanukah is where it's at. Chanuka is fine if you're grammatically and orthographically virtuous otherwise.

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