Thursday, November 25, 2010

A vegetarian Thanksgiving

Eschewing the concept of a "typical" Thanksgiving--turkey and gravy and what have you--makes constructing a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal much easier. This year's theme was French food. We have:

1. Vichyssoise (thank you, Andy)

2. Roasted vegetable salade niçoise (without the tuna)

3. Roasted asparagus with homemade tarragon mayonnaise (not pictured)

4. Shirred eggs (also not pictured)

5. Rustic boule

6. French apple tart (baked in an American-style pie pan; just call it fusion)

Thank you to Andy's mom for taking the photos while I was running around like a Tofurkey with its head cut off pulling everything together, and thanks be given to all blog readers!

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