Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One girl, two carbs

I am aware that putting squash on pasta is nutritionally laughable. But last night's insomnia germinated the idea for a Parmesan acorn squash sauce with (vegetarian) sausage, and who am I to deny my midnight ramblings their actualization?

In my haste to make food after yoga, I neglected to a. add the sausage, b. fully roast the acorn squash, and c. puree the sauce, instead just mashing it with my fork. All three of those detracted from the dish. But I have to tell you, pair slightly lumpy squash/sage/salt/pepper/paprika/Parmesan/white wine/tiny bit of olive oil/ tiny bit of milk/wish-I-could-summon-the-gumption-to-add-a-chunk-of-butter sauce with pasta and some broccoli sauteed with garlic, and you're in business.

Also true to form, I absentmindedly made a massive amount. If there is a dinner post on this blog tomorrow, it will involve some sort of baked good, because there is plenty left to feed me for lunch and dinner.

1 comment:

  1. If I can paraphrase what a hundred feel-good mass mailings have said, and what eventually feels true...Someday, about so many things, we end up thinking, "I should have added the butter".

    Remember Kruschev..."Life is it up"

    Oh....and YUM!