Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was so excited when I got my yeast, and plus Mom had just gotten me a kitchen scale so I could actually measure ingredients by weight! Sadly, I managed to make a serious error with the very first thing I made with both: challah. I rose it once while in class, let it rise again while I ran some errands, and came back, only to realize that I had forgotten to braid it before the second rise. So I let it rise a third time, hoping that it would be okay.

I took a bite. Chewed. Evaluated. Beery taste... present, to the mildest of degrees, but overridden by sweetness. Not the best challah I've made (okay, so this was my second attempt, but it came in second place), but it retained most of its moisture, and now that I've got a pound of yeast and a pound to sell, there's plenty of opportunity to try again.

Dinner was not just challah (although that would have been completely copacetic, in my opinion). The challah did, however, form the base component of a savory French toast topped with a mushroom, kale, and squash blend simmered in tomatoes and spiced with thyme.

Oh, and cookies! Browned butter chocolate chip, to be precise and enjoyed by those of you who come to HFT this Saturday (distribution controlled by last post's aforementioned friend).

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