Saturday, November 6, 2010

If it ain't broke

I have always loved McSweeney's Reviews of New Food.

That is part of the reason why, when there was no yeast to be found at the supermarket, I decided to justify my trip with the purchase of a $2.50 bag of Sweet & Tangy BBQ Kettle Corn. I had a kernel. I had a few more kernels to make sure I wasn't wrong. I decided that yes, it indeed tasted like the bastard child of aspartame-laden Styrofoam and these off-brand Chinese-manufacture barbecue-flavored chips that I had in Uganda once. I double-bagged the rest of the bag of popcorn so that I would not smell it and remember that it existed.

What would possess a company to mess with the glory that is kettle corn or the glory that is barbecue-flavored snack food?

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